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From Blue Door's session at
Episcopal Community Service's Forum on Justice and Opportunity

Transformational Intergroup Dialogue

Facilitation Trainings

"No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or  his background, or his religion. People learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for  love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite."  ~Nelson Mandela

Transformational Intergroup Dialogue Facilitation is a three-part series designed to help practitioners create effective spaces for learning and authentic engagement across differences based on race, gender, socioeconomic status, religion, ability and sexual orientation.  Transformational Intergroup Dialogue is a social justice education approach which promotes intergroup cooperation and understanding through dialogue. Trainings have been offered in various settings across the United States over the past 3 years to support educators, leaders, activists, and entrepreneurs interested in improving intergroup relations within their classrooms, organizations, and communities. 

This multi-level training program integrates academic and experiential learning and intergroup dialogue practice. Participants explore personal and interpersonal capacities for diversity and intergroup facilitation, including emotional intelligence, relationship building and multicultural awareness. While the three workshops will primarily focus on improving the capacity for intergroup engagement, they will include several intergroup dialogues to help participants understand the utility of dialogue as a process for individual and group development around social identity and social justice.  


This program is an interactive, participant-focused opportunity to help improve one's skills in facilitating and leading diverse groups within classrooms, organizations, and communities. This program will support practitioners in exploring, understanding and overcoming their obstacles to intergroup engagement.​


Transformational Intergroup Dialogue Facilitation is a three-part training offered over three separate, sequential workshops. Each workshop is offered over two consecutive days and will take place between  9:30am and 4:30pm. Workshops are offered year-round. Here are the dates for upcoming workshops: 

  • Level One: Introduction to Transformational Intergroup Dialogue​: 
    • Experience how transformational intergroup dialogue improves understanding and relationships between groups

    • Develop an awareness of one's own obstacles to facilitating, teaching, leading and managing diverse groups

    • Need more information on this training? Click here for a full description

  • Level Two: Transformational Intergroup Dialogue Facilitation: Overcoming the Obstacles to Intergroup Engagement​:  

    • Learn tools to manage the fears, mistrust and social violence in intergroup settings

    • Minimize one's fears during intergroup interactions as a participant or in a position of leadership

    • Need more information on this training? Click here for a full description

  • Level Three: Moving from Social Violence to Constructive Conflict

    • Engaging the dialogue process through facilitating mini-dialogues

    • Receiving feedback on facilitation skills

    • Need more information on this training? Click here for a full description

You can register for just one, two or all three workshops. They must be taken in sequence.


Temple University Center City, 1515 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA


The registration fee includes all training materials on both days, excluding meals. We will not be providing hotel accommodations or transportation.  For information about Philadelphia area hotels, please link to the Philadelphia Visitor's Guide here

In order to participate in the workshop, advance registration is required. There are a limited number of spots available for these workshops so register as soon as possible.The registration deadlines are listed with each workshop above. We have a sliding registration fee to accommodate varying budgets. Below are the rates for those paying for the training through an organization and those paying for the training as an individual (without organizational financial support).

  • Individuals - Income Below $65,000: $185 (actual cost with fees = $197.37) 

  • Individuals - Income Above $65,000: $275 (actual cost with fees = $292.39)

  • Organizations - Operating Budget Below $500,000: $350 (actual cost with fees = $371.56)

  • Organizations - Operating Budget Above $500,000: $475 (actual cost with fees = $503.54)

Discounted rates for advanced registration for all three workshops: 

  • Individuals - Income Below $65,000: $485 (actual cost with fees = $514.09)

  • Individuals - Income Above $65,000: $725 (actual cost with fees = $767.47)

  • Organizations - Operating Budget Below $500,000: $900 (actual cost with fees = $952.22)

  • Organizations - Operating Budget Above $500,000: $1200 (actual cost with fees = $1261.70)

Group rates are available - E-mail info@thebluedoorgroup.net


No refunds offered once payment is made unless the program is canceled. 


Transformational Intergroup Dialogue draws from two well-known and successful models for promoting democratic dialogue, action and civic engagement in the context of diversity: (a) the Michigan Intergroup Relations Model, a process used by the University of Michigan and universities throughout the United States to promote intergroup dialogue and engagement in higher education and community settings; and (b)Transformational Social Therapy (TST), a process used internationally to promote knowledge sharing and collaborative action involving diverse parties in municipalities, civil society, educational settings, and other public arenas. Both models are informed by the theory and practice of multicultural citizenship and theory and research on learning and equitable social change in the context of diversity. TST’s grounding in psychology and critical social theory complements the Michigan Model by contributing a more robust understanding of the ways human needs and social structures interact and influence intergroup behavior.

FACILITATORS:  Hillary Blecker and Tchet Dereic Dorman.

If you would like to be notified about future trainings, please join our mailing list.  

If you would like to host a dialogue or dialogue training at your organization, university, or business, please contact Hillary Blecker, hblecker@thebluedoorgroup.net.