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Transformational Intergroup Dialogue

Part Three: Moving from Social Violence to Constructive Conflict

This third workshop is designed to help practitioners experience facilitating and receiving feedback using the Transformational Intergroup Dialogue approach. This workshop will allow participants to practice facilitating intergroup dialogues in order to feel ready to directly apply this approach in their work. Experimentation with the intergroup dialogue process, including the emotional life of a group, exploration of fears in intergroup relations, and developing trust in a group will be the focus.

The workshop will deepen participants’ understanding of how to work with diverse groups in professional settings. Participants will review their personal and professional masks, and the ways their fears influence attitudes and behaviors related to social group identity. There will be a significant focus on understanding the socio-psychological bases of social identity and intergroup prejudice and violence; and practicing the “leader as a tool”.

In Transformational Intergroup Dialogue, the facilitator is a key component of the dialogue process. The facilitator is the primary tool supporting individual and collective information sharing by creating a framework and opportunities for participants to authentically engage in the dialogue process. This workshop is focused on helping facilitators gain the skills to facilitate intergroup dialogues in a manner that engenders the confidence of participants for authentic engagement.

Part 3: Key Dimensions of the Workshop: Enhancing Individual Capacity to Facilitate Self-Awareness and Social Reflection

  • Assessing Individual Capacity for Intergroup Dialogue Facilitation: Exploring the Emotional and Social Self

  • Understanding the Wounded Healer Within: Facilitator Obstacles to Participant Transformation 

  • Utilizing Dialogue for Intergroup Understanding and Collaboration

  • Establishing a Framework for On-Going Individual and Group Development 

  • Facilitator Self-Assessment 

Goals of the third workshop:

  • Engaging the dialogue process through facilitating mini-dialogues

  • Receiving feedback on facilitation skills

  • Assessing challenges and opportunities for facilitation growth

  • Understanding the role of the facilitator in transitioning dialogue participants from Social Violence to Constructive Conflict