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Consulting Services 

Blue Door supports organizations and teams by designing processes for interaction, planning and dialogue.  Contact us about: 

  • Strategic planning process design & facilitation

  • Visioning process design & facilitation ​

  • Team-building communications & collaboration workshops

  • Building a culture of inclusion and equity process design & facilitation 


The Blue Door Group designs and facilitates participatory learning, planning, and dialogue experiences with a view toward building collaboration and encouraging the representation of many and diverse voices in visioning and decision-making. We take an approach that encourages participants to reflect, connect with others, and build the flexibility and creativity needed to work in diverse groups.   All of our work uses participatory, interactive, embodied, and arts-based approaches. 

Blue Door also provides curriculum design for organizations and educational institutions.  

Please contact info@thebluedoorgroup.net for more information.

Strategic Planning

Blue Door designs and facilitates strategic planning processes.  We value the knowledge and experience that participants bring and believe that we build better solutions and visions when diverse voices are brought into dialogue and decision-making.  Therefore, our strategic planning design ensures a wide range of stakeholders are engaged in the process. We believe the strategic planning process can be a vehicle for building relationships and skills that will benefit your organization long after the strategic planning process has concluded. 


Blue Door designs and facilitates visioning processes. Blue Door supports teams and organizations in developing both short-term and long-term visions.  We use   participatory, interactive, embodied, and arts-based approaches to help your team name your values, set your priorities, and align your workflow to match your value, vision, and priorities. 

Team Building 

Communication & Collaboration

Blue Door designs and facilitates workshops to build your team's communication and collaboration skills.   Teamwork is a learned skill. Blue Door will assess your team's communication and collaboration strengths and challenges, and design a process that will build on the strengths and begin to address the challenges.  Our workshops use dialogue and skill-building activities to build more effective teams. 

Building a culture of inclusion and equity

Blue Door designs and facilitates processes that help shift your team culture towards embracing inclusion and equity.  Blue Door will assess your team's strengths and challenges around inclusion and equity.  We will design a process that constructively addresses the conflicts that exist on your team.  Our workshops use dialogue and skill-building activities to build more effective teams.