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MLK Day Race Dialogue & Workshop

Do you want to improve your capacity to build constructive relationships with people of other races? 
Do you find it challenging to have healthy, meaningful and deep dialogues about race? 



Workshop Description




The Race Dialogue facilitates intergroup learning by bringing together a racially diverse group of individuals to share their thoughts, feelings and emotions about race in the United States.  While the dialogue will allow participants to better understand race and racial identity on structural and institutional levels, the major focus will be on helping participants to explore their own racial identity. 


The goal of the dialogue is to help individuals improve their capacity to engage in race issues in intergroup communication, understanding, and relations. The dialogue will help individuals better understand their own obstacles for teaching, leading and communicating with racially diverse groups.


Date:  Jan. 18, 2016
Time:  10:00 am-2:30 pm (with 30-minute lunch break)
Location:  Girard College, Philadelphia
Cost:  Free
Thank you to the dialogue sponsors:  
Christ Church Philadelphia and
Christ Church Neighborhood House
Bradley & Bradley Associates

Support these conversations about race by sponsoring this program - we're looking for organizational and individual sponors. Our goal is to reach 25 participants. Your $250 (Supporter) sponsorship will help us engage 5 people. Your $500 (Champion) sponsorship will help us engage 10 people.


As a sponsor, you will be listed in the MLK Day of Service Program Book next to the description of our workshop, and also listed on The Blue Door Group and the Global Citizen websites. The dialogue will be held at Girard College, the Signature Site and media hub for the 21st Annual MLK Day of Service.  

Sponsorship:  Help Make the Dialogue Possible
Facilitators:  Co-facilitated by Pyramid Consulting Services and The Blue Door Group


Tchet Dereic Dorman 

Tchet is the President of Pyramid Consulting Services, a non-profit company providing diversity education, training, evaluation, and assessment services to educational institutions, private companies and community-based organizations. He recently served as the Director of the Center for Social Justice and Multicultural Education in the Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity, Advocacy and Leadership at Temple University. He is the founder of Temple's Transformational Intergroup Dialogue program and managed the Graduate Certificate in Diversity Leadership. Additionally, he has also taught the following relevant courses: Emotions, Diversity, and Democratic Leadership; African American History; African Literature; Introduction to African American Studies; Gender Studies; Class, Gender and Race in the Global Village; Social Conflict; Introduction to Sociology;  Cultural Anthropology and Multiculturalism and the American Identity.  The National Association for Multicultural Education named him the Educator of the Year in 2007. Tchet received a Master’s degree in African American Studies from Temple University where he is an advanced doctoral student.


Hillary Blecker 

Hillary is a Founding Partner of The Blue Door Group. She has over a decade of experience designing and facilitating community-building trainings. Hillary has developed and facilitated trainings on workplace health and safety, community health and nutrition, diversity and conflict, and legislative advocacy and civic engagement. She has worked for labor unions, community based organizations, non-profits, and universities. She is bilingual in English and Spanish and is experienced in working with interpreters.