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Diversity Dialogues


Real Talk: Engaging Diversity through Transformational Intergroup Dialogue 



Our dialogues focus on individuals and groups sharing their real, authentic and honest thoughts and feelings about their social identity (such as their race, class, gender, sexual orientation, etc). Transformational Intergroup Dialogue (TID) allows individuals an opportunity to review how some of their past thinking and behaviors about groups have been reflective of individual biases and prejudices by communicating with the real individuals in the room, not societal representations. As part of the learning process, participants engage in activities that promote constructive conflict and invite the sharing of personal challenges and triumphs in intergroup exchanges and relationships.


Participants explore both commonalities and differences with others and find ways to promote collective problem-solving and decision-making. New knowledge and emotions can result from the dialogue when people choose to base their relationships in their new reality and overcome their past fears.

Dialogues may be customized to meet the needs of your group or organization. Please contact us for more information and fees. 

We also provide training for people interested in increasing their skill in facilitating intergroup dialogues.  Click here for more information on Transformational Intergroup Dialogue Facilitation Trainings