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Featured Clients


People's Emergency Center 

We piloted a workshop that combined our strengths and expertise in

transformational intergroup dialogue and applied theater to see how

body-centered and arts-based approaches could open opportunities for dialogue that

simply talking might not achieve. This workshop was also our second opportunity to partner

with the People’s Emergency Center Neighborhood Advisory Committee, which provided

space and outreach and great enthusiasm for the project. We had 19 brave and thoughtful

participants turn out for this dialogue, learned a great deal, found some new partners for

collaboration, and got to see what our bodies could teach us about how we engage across

social identities of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and ability.

Franklin and Marshall College 

We co-facilitated a short workshop for students at Franklin and Marshall College with the Associate Dean for Multicultural Affairs, Marion Coleman, who attended our intro and advanced Transformational Intergroup Dialogue (TID) workshops in 2016. We were most excited to assist Dean Coleman in helping her bring the TID approach to the college’s day of dialogue. These are the experiences that help to institutionalize the TID approach within academia.

Graduate Student Center at the University of Pennsylvania 

We facilitated a workshop with students at Penn’s Graduate Student Center about secondary trauma & self-care.  Students created personalized self-care plans for use in preventing secondary trauma.  Participating students came from the School of Social Policy and Practice, the Graduate School of Education, Penn Med School, the School of Arts & Sciences, and others.

Greenfield Intercultural Center 

We worked with the Greenfield Intercultural Center at the University of Pennsylvania in designing and facilitating a reflection process on the Center’s values, impact, and priorities. Heard moving stories about how first generation students, students of color, and mixed race / multiracial students have been impacted by the work of the Center. Met some of the inspiring people who are creating space at UPenn for dialogue, intersectional exchange, incubating activism, experiential learning, and caring support. So proud and grateful to be working with clients who care so much about relationships and believe so strongly in the possibility of education as a pathway to change.

Arcadia University

Blue Door and Pyramid Consulting facilitated a half day training for faculty, staff and students entitled "Engaging Diversity Through Transformational Intergroup Dialogue" as part of Arcadia's Diversity Enrichment Mini-Institute. We focused on identifying our most salient identities and our biases that get in the way of communicating with others with whom we don’t have positive associations around their identities. While only a half day training, participants engaged deeply with each other. Some participants had some lightbulb moments around their unconscious biases and the parts of their social identity that are their lens through which they see the world.

Welcoming Center 

We had the pleasure of designing a curriculum for a program of The Welcoming Center for New Pennsylvanians that supports native and nonnative English speakers in making a successful transition to post-secondary education.  We used our experience as instructors at Community College of Philadelphia and Temple to inform the curriculum design and content.  We love seeing our students be successful, and were happy to contribute to more student success through this project!