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The Blue Door Group would like to thank...



Shira Yudkoff




For a professional photo shoot during our inaugural Train-the-Trainer series and many of the wonderful photos that adorn our website!


Kris Eden


For the photos from our November 2014 Train-the-Trainer series.


Rose White


For early accounting advice and support.


New Sanctuary Movement




For partnering with TBDG on our inaugural Train-the-Trainer series to procure a great training space!


Tabernacle United Church




For providing a training space for our inaugural Train-the-Trainer series. 


Christ Church Neighborhood House




For providing affordable and accessible training space for many of our Skill-Building & Networking Gatherings.


All those who were members of and/or participated in the Philadelphia Trainers' Collaborative from 2009-2013! 


For your enthusiasm, dedication, and inspiration.